I guess it’s maybe the fist time you ask yourself: Why the world would end without entrepreneurs? Don’t worry you are not alone, almost no one has ever asked me such a question.

This wondering suddenly  came to  me from nowhere and I was like “Oh my god that’s totally true!”.

Let me share with you my thoughts about it my friends.

Why the world would end without entrepreneurs? Because without entrepreneurs there would not be a lot of things that we now see as granted.

Without Entrepreneurs, Life would have been dreary and always predictable.

Without Entrepreneurs, people with Crazy Ideas would not have expressed them and make the world a good place as it is now.

Without Entrepreneurs, there will be no risk takers and no success stories which  inspire us to always keep pushing ourselves to the top.

Without Entrepreneurs, failure would not have been a big deal since no one would have risked his/her career, work, studies or even all their money.

Why the world would end without Entrepreneurs? Because without entrepreneurs there are no new projects so no new jobs. So if a government doesn’t employ everyone and pay everyone there will be a lot of left over.

Without Entrepreneurs, everyone is just condemned to work and get the same part of wealth as anyone.

Without Entrepreneurs, it doesn’t matter if you want to work more, harder or better, everyone is destined to the same destiny

Without Entrepreneurs, the world would just stop evolving. More than that, the world would not have evolved  from the beginning.

Without Entrepreneurs, there would not have been any added value brought to the world. Same wealth from day 1 to the last one.

Without Entrepreneurs, it would have been hard to acquire knowledge since there would not have been Wikipedia, or any of the other studying websites (Lynda, Udemy, etc.).

Without Entrepreneurs, it would have been a huge struggle to do a research. Imagine the world without Google, Yahoo, Bing and the others. We will have to do it like our  parents and ancestors. They did well, right. But, there is a lot more of information today than in those days, and without those search engines we will only drown in information.

Without Entrepreneurs, you will have to make your clothes by yourself. There will not be any brand to sell clothes to you.

Without Entrepreneurs, all the entertainments sources that we know today would not have been there. No Youtube, Vimeo,9gag… No Channels on TV, no high-quality material to make any kind of videos, so  maybe no TV at all.

Without Entrepreneurs, there is no social media, more exactly, no media at all! So no way to communicate with someone you love/care about if  he/she is not in front of you. Skype, Tango, What’s up, Facebook, LG, Apple, Samsung, AT&T…. and the list goes on, wouldn’t have been there to help us.

Without entrepreneurs, Listening to music would have been something you do only from concert to concert. Or through your radio. So no control at all about what you can  listen to since all the Internet would not have existed and all the Tech companies too.

Without Entrepreneurs, there would not have been all those products that you are watching all around you. All the products that make your life simpler. And there will not be any new  products or service to keep making life easier and more enjoyable.

Without Entrepreneurs, we would have a lot of health problems. It’s may be a scientist who makes medicines, but it’s pharmaceutical laboratories that make sure to sell them and distribute them.

Without Entrepreneurs, many websites would not exist. First cause of all the tools that websites use nowadays that would not have existed ( like WordPress, Disqus..etc) and secondly, why someone will make a website if it’s not to share something, to pursue an idea, a value, a principle. Those things are done only by entrepreneurs because they are the real dreamers that pursue their dreams and do their best to share their beliefs.

If you are going on a train by the time you are reading this, without entrepreneurs, it will stop right now and the lights will shut down. No entrepreneur equal no one to invest and make projects concerning energy and transport.

Without Entrepreneurs, we will certainly never see the human being conquering Mars and the rest of Space.

Why the world would end without Entrepreneurs? Because they are the ones who try to make us evolve, improve and become always better.

Without Entrepreneurs,  the purpose of that article would never have occurred to me.

Without Entrepreneurs, the word “Startup” will be meaningless.

Why the world would end without entrepreneurs? Because life will become so boring. Each day will be just like as the previous one and the next one. No one will enjoy living in such a world. The world will not have any purpose to exist.

Without Entrepreneurs, you might not have been reading this article right now since I couldn’t wonder about the inexistence of something that wouldn’t have been existing at first.

For you, Why the world would end without entrepreneurs?