8 Must Have Attitudes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs usually don’t stand to be only employees and try to own their own business. It’s not something easy to do. You don’t just have to make the wish of becoming a successful entrepreneur and some magic tricks will operate and TADA! You are  the latest most successful entrepreneur. Now next one! Hopefully, things are not like that! The human nature is very interesting, we all want to achieve great things in the simplest way, but we get happy only when we do hard things. And the harder is what you have done that happier you will be. Try it by yourself. Escalate a random mountain, you will be certainly happy because it’s hard and not anyone can do it. Escalate the Everest and you will be thousands of time happier than compared to the first achievement.

That’s how the road to success is in the entrepreneurs area. It’s a hard road with traps, dangers, and so on. To go from scratch to success, you will need to have some attitudes of successful entrepreneurs.

Let’s see together the Must have attributes to be a successful entrepreneur

1) Believe in yourself more than how people believe facts of general truth

BELIEVE in yourself to be a successful entrepreneur

Believe is a must have. You must believe in yourself, in your company,  in your idea. No matter what people say because they are going to say things anyway, no matter what people thinks of you or your idea, no matter what happen. Even if no one believes in you, even your parents/family, you have the obligation to keep believing in yourself.  Maybe nobody sees it, maybe they are all right and your idea is crazy. But it’s only YOU by believing in yourself that you can make your ideas goes from thin air to tangible success. To realize what do you want. People will congratulate you then.

BELIEVE in order to be a successful entrepreneur

2)Love what you do, even more than that, be PASSIONATE about it!

You principal activity that you are going to start, either it’s to produce something or provide a service,  must be something that you love to do. In fact, you have to have a better feeling for it. You  must be PASSIONATE about what you do. I say  the whole in capital letters because it’s capital that you  have the passion for what you will be doing. It has to be something that when you wake up in the morning, you are excited to do. You may quickly take the breakfast just to start as early as possible, and not because you feel obligated to do it, but because you like it! You feel good while doing it. And by night when you will go to bed, you may even keep thinking about what you could update, check or bring to make everything better.

There is a quote about PASSION in Entrepreneurship, that I like too much. And I feel that it’s a must that I share it with you:

“Employees can love their jobs, entrepreneurs must make their job a lifetime masterpiece.”

PASSION : must have for successful entrepreneur

3)Try to be as Wise as possible

Wisdom is one of the things that is usually achieved just over the years. We commonly say that people start getting wise until they are  40’s. That’s may be right for many times, but I personally see it just as Commun “Bullshit”, that people  by dint of sharing this statement started believing in it. And now, most of the people think that you can’t be wise if you are not old, and the older you are the wiser you will be. That’s just partially true. It’s true that you will get wiser by getting older, years after years we accumulate experiences that help us to learn  and keep going forward. But you don’t have to learn only from your own mistakes. If you are starting a startup in any field. Always do some research to see if  there wasn’t  one before and failed. Try to determine the points that led to the failure, and simply avoid them. And do that for any business that you are planning to start if you want to succeed in it.

Also, try to be wise, by taking decisions according to a certain  order of importance. Try to invest in the beginning in the musts, if your budget is not enough for all of them, choose the most  important to have between all the musts. Better times will come, and you will have all of them.

Finally, be wise by trying to learn as much as possible from  any mistake made. Deeply analyze each one of them for that.

Be wise and learn from failures

4)Don’t be scared by your fears, scare them by showing who you really are!

When you want to be an entrepreneur, in general, you have to take some risks. To be a successful entrepreneur you have to be fearless! To always be ready to take risks when you have to. Don’t let  the fear hold you back.

There is two kind of fears that you will  have to face:

  • The fear of failure: usually, when we want to start any kind of project. We tend to image the worst scenario happening.Even if that scenario is totally impossible to happen. Inconceivable. And  we let those ideas get in our minds and hold us. Never tend to imagine such thinks, and believe them. Always try to keep believing in yourself. And finally don’t fear failure. There are many successful people who talked about how each failure is just the proof that we are in the right road: the road of success.
    And one thing, that I keep saying to myself in those situations: ” No matter how crazy your dream is, just try to achieve it. If you succeed it would be great if you don’t… then at least you tried”


  • The fear of success: You certainly find that insane and foolish. But it’s totally true and it happens a lot. Some people can easily go through the fear of failure, but they just get then stopped by the fear of success. Even if they are pursuing success, dreaming about it and want to give anything to achieve it, they fear success more than any failure or problem they could face. They don’t know what would happen if they succeed. If they reach it but are incapable of handling it, to deal with it. They dread that they could be losers even if they reach success.
    All What I can tell you about that, is to take a look at any of the most successful idol that you know (that you like preferably) and try to learn from them how they handle all their success. Most of them just try to stay humble and act as normal as possible. So don’t worry a lot about it. It’s going to be fine. I promise you!

5)Exchange your laziness and procrastination with motivation

When you are only the employee it’s normal that you are not too excited to go to work, to do things that doesn’t say much to you. But when you are an entrepreneur, you will certainly be more excited to the job. Since it’s all yours. To be Passionate will help with the motivation for sure, but you don’t have to fall in the procrastination trap. Always remember that maybe you don’t control the universe, the circumstances where you are. But for sure you control your attitude. Change all the phrases like: “I will do it tomorrow”, “Maybe later” and  “I don’t feel like today is the day, I will give it a shot another time”. Replace them instead by :“I am gonna need more coffee for the night”, ” The more work I will do today, the more I will do tomorrow, the more I will progress quickly overall”  and “It’s never over.. until I win!” (the last one is more to stay motivated, and keep pushing yourself. My favorite one btw)


6)Be patient…. a lot.

Well, I think that that’s the worst thing ever to ask an Entrepreneur. But it’s a must. All of us would love to see results of their hard work as fast as possible, but unfortunately, things don’t work that way. Sometimes you will have to be very patient to start seeing just the first results that will charge your motivation and hope to keep doing the hard work. So always be as patient as possible, and don’t confuse patience with laziness. You are waiting for results, not for a miracle, so you have to keep working in the meantime.
There is no success that happens overnight. Even angry birds which a lot of people says it was a great success achieved in “overnight“. Well, it was an overnight of 8 years then, because they have worked on so many projects before than they could  produce the right one and achieve all their success.

Patience: a necessary attitude for successful entrepreneur

7) You must be consistent and full of tenacity

I think everyone these days know Mashable. That website wich seems so attractive and great these days, started with the volante of only one man: Pete Cashmore. He created the website alone, spent a lot of time on it. He was publishing at least 5 posts per day, and even if there were no visitors he was just keep pushing himself. He never stopped or lost his tenacity. All the efforts have paid off. Nowadays he has a net worth of $ 95 million.


8) Be always hungry of knowledge concerning your field. Never be full or tired of it.

You always have to keep learning and mastering all that concern your business field. As we saw with Mark Cuban’s story, it’s the envy of always wanting to know everything about every information and knowledge  that concern the field of his business, that helped him to achieve the success he achieve nowadays. Always keep learning, knowledge is always getting updated, if you stop just one little moment someone else may surpass you and kick your ass.

Always keep learning in order to be a successful entrepreneur


So Entrepreneurs, do you have these attitudes? If not don’t worry  it’s never too late to correct and improve yourself. If there is any other attitude that you have and think  that it may lead to success, just share it in the comments below.


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