The new year is going to be here before we know it.

While about half of us make resolutions for the new year, many of us do not follow through with them.

According to statistics, the most common and popular new year resolutions are:

  • To lose weight/ get fit.
  • To spend less money and save more.
  • To get organized.


I gathered a list of 4 handy tools that will surely help you to make this new year’s resolution a success.


MyFitnessPal is a free app that will help you to get as fit as you want.


You start by creating a profile and set your goals.


You write how much weight, for example, you want to lose, and in how quickly you want to achieve that goal.


After that, you start to enter your food as you eat it and it will give you a breakdown of nutrients and calories you got from everything that you ate.


You enter also the exercises that you do every time you train. And so, every time, the app will make the calculation of many calories you got, minus how much you lost and tell you if you are in the right path to achieve your fitness goal.


Also, the app gives you a breakdown of the macros(protein, fat, and carbs) that you take. Be careful to their proportions. Try to maintain a high level of protein a decent one of fat ( by eating mostly the good fat) and lower (not suppress!) only the carbs.


Mint is a free website and app that keep track of all your expenses for you.
You load your bank account information to Mint and it automatically starts tracking and reporting your spending habits to you in real time.


Overall, this gives you a quick peek at how much you are spending on clothes, on food, on tech stuff, and so on.


This app will definitely help you to adjust your budget.


For people who are looking to spend less and save more, Mint could be the perfect fit.

3.Passion Planner:

Passion Planner is definitely going to be your planner for achieving your goals and well celebrating them!


Every week, you get both personal and professional to-do lists to fill out, motivational quotes, an area where you can do a brainstorming, and of course an area to reflect on what went well that week.


You also get a space at the top where you can write your focus for the day. Each time you open Passion Planner, you will be reminded to stay on track.


Passion Planner is so handy. It’s a great way to deal with the “directionless floating”  that Angelina Trinidad, the founder, and CEO, defined in the about page of Passion Planner.


Last but not least:


Evernote is a freemium tool. It’s an app that comes free, but you can get some extra features for a paid version.


Although, the free version includes all the necessary tools and features to get started.


You can use it on your computer, directly or through a browser, and also on your smartphone through a mobile app.
Why is Evernote a necessary tool for your new year’s resolution success? It’s because it’s a nice tool that you can use to save pretty much anything! Notes, pictures, documents, etc. All of it in one place!


This app can help you to get organized with all of your projects. Whether it’s to keep all your expenses receipts in one place, to note your weight objectives and keep track of your evolution, to write a book that you always wanted to write, to collect ideas about any specific project, and so on.


And of course, when you update Evernote either on your computer, on the internet or your phone, all the versions of Evernote gets updated at the same time.


This is so convenient to keep track of your objectives whatever where you are.


You visited a store and bought something? Snap a picture of your expenses receipt and upload it.

You were just walking on the street and got surprising inspiration and a great idea for you book? Just note it right away on your phone, and there you go. You saved an idea that might be priceless and which you wouldn’t have remembered exactly -word for word- if you counted just on your memory.


Evernote is the best tool  for people wants to get more organized in their lives.


And it’s free! Why not take advantage of it? At least, give it a shot and judge by yourself.


There you go! With these apps and tools, you are set to make your new year’s resolution a success!


Go and make the year 2016 the most productive and best year of your life!