We are already in that time of the year when it’s all about making resolutions in order to make the following year better than the one that just passed.


But let’s put aside the “getting fit”, “lose weight” and “stop eating chocolate between the meals” aside for a while.


The new year is a great time to evaluate yourself and make good, realistic goals to achieve  for yourself and your business.


But how to set that kind of goals? How to avoid setting unachievable or useless goals? Well, you need to start by making a good evaluation.


In order to do that and make the best resolutions, ask yourself these 6 questions:

1)What was the main cause of the progression of your business?

What made your business progress this year? Maybe it’s a new product you launched, a marketing campaign or a good investment made.


Whatever what it was, you should consider making a resolution to making more of it.


Instead of always keep looking for good new ideas, you shouldn’t hesitate to use what worked well and have big odds to work well again.

2)What made your employees happy?

Get your team to write their happiest work moments of the year. Either anonymous or not.


What matters, is that you know exactly what made them happy and consider making more of it.
It can be anything, a trip, a party or whatever else kind of activities.


Employees who are happy in their work environment will work better, and they will definitely be helpful to you to achieve your goals.

3) What were the most fulfilling moments of 2015?

Think about the moments when you were genuinely happy. The moments when you were deeply satisfied by what you are doing.


Think about the usual time when all your doubts and concerns surface. This time could be when you lay down in your bed, you are under the shower or just out for a little walk by yourself.


If this time comes and you feel a peace of mind, it’s simply because you have made something fulfilling lately.


And that something fulfilling is not ” a huge sale”, ” a contract with a new client” or “better business numbers”.


The fulfilling moments are when you realize that your business really means something. It provides an added values that go beyond the usability and satisfaction you are delivering.


It’s when you provide happiness to people and they are grateful for you for it. These are the fulfilling moments, and you definitely want more of them next year.


After all, it’s important to find fulfillment, not just money.

4)Who are the 5 people who supported you this year?

Do you remember that time you got overwhelmed by problems and didn’t know at all what to do about it, but that special someone came through for you?


Think about at least the 5 people who really helped you out when you were struggling this year. Either in a  work environment or your personal life.


You want to have a better friendship with these people. So make a resolution to do so.
People who can trust and will always be there for you are priceless. Never let them down.

5)What caused you the longest lost time?

During the year, what activity you think has made you lost your time? Your life is precious, and your time is limited. You should spend it wisely in order to get the best of it.


Spend time with people who deserves you, doing things you want to do and avoid as you can to “lose time”.


The time that passes never come back…

6) Was every normal average day “happy” enough?

Of course not the whole year is just awesome activities and parties.


Not every day is going to be great at work, neither in your personal life.


You get a lot of “average” days in the year, but you don’t have to be “sad” or “depressed”. Every day, even the average ones, you should be happy on them.


Don’t be just focused on work, and rushing every day as a machine, doing the same routine. You are not a machine. You are a human being with feelings and emotions.


Maybe not all days are great, but by the time you are alive, you should be grateful and celebrate the beauty of life.


You should consider making new year’s resolutions to enjoy your life more and be every day happy.


New year’s resolutions are not just about directly making our lives better. If we find a way to make our team and all the important people that matters in our lives happy, that achievement will mean a lot more than just a cut on some food and a gym membership.

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