We spent a lot of time on the internet. Either interacting on social medias with our friends and family, watching videos, listening to music..etc. The internet is so large that we can find and do anything on it.

There are even websites that help you to become smarter!

Today, I want to talk to you about one of the best organization in the world: TED. The letters stand for ” Technology Entertainment and Design”, but for sure, they cover more than these topics.

You have certainly heard of TED talks, saw someone you know sharing one of them on his/her profile. Or you saw one of the influencers that you like and follow give one of these talks.

The TED talks are captivating, lively, and very informative. They are also by far the most entertaining and short lectures you can ever see, that’s why you should definitely watch TED talks.

But it would be better, if you watch them as much as possible, as a habit, either on a weekly or daily basis.

So, here are the 7 main reasons why you should become addicted to TED:

1.Improve your English

All the TED talks are given in English, but you can choose to have subtitles now of more than 100 languages. So if English is not your native language and you are learning it, using subtitles can help you to improve your language.

With time, you will start to watch completely just in English and you will see huge improvements in your English skills.

2.Observe and learn how to give a good lecture

There is one thing that lectures are very known for: they are boring! That’s usually the case. Professors and scientists get difficulties to expose their ideas without losing the focus of their audience after just a little while.

TED talks don’t relate to such problem.

The way TED talks are given always captivate the audience and entertain it.

The more you will watch TED talks the more you will be able to give lectures and make presentations that will be appreciable by your audience. Just keep attention to how they do it, and try to do as good as them.

3.Short and sweet

One of the main reason why people don’t lose their focus during a TED talk is simply because all TED talks are short. They are all set to be 18 minutes or less.

As explained by the TED’s curator, Chris Anderson, this duration has not been randomly chosen:

“18 minutes is long enough to be serious and short enough to hold people’s attention.”

I personally find this length perfect. All TED talks are about some serious various subjects, that cover all kind of subjects. Yet, I never got bored in anyone of the TED talks. (sometimes in a TEDx talk, but that’s not the same as TED talks guys)

Also, the fact that TED talks are short make the information which was given during them easier to remember.

4.The brightest minds share their ideas

Not anyone can give a TED talk. The speakers are selected very carefully and they are usually some of the brightest minds in the world. Here are some examples with their talks:

These successful people and many other bright minds and great influencers share their life stories, facts, studies. All of this, make the TED talks have a huge added value to anyone who would see it.

5.Huge source of knowledge

The TED talks cover almost all the kind of subjects that exist. The topics are discussed by specialists and people who are interested and passionate about the subject. They present it synthesized, so you get the maximum of knowledge without having to struggle to stay focused and analyze everything.

You just have to browse between all the TED talks and choose the topic you want to know more about.

And even if you want to choose one randomly, don’t worry it’s going to be worth it. After all their slogan is: “Ideas worth spreading”. They wouldn’t spread something that don’t worth it.

6.Get inspired

The TED talks always inspire. After each video of a TED talks I watched, I always want to know more about the subject, to discuss and debate about it, to think more about it and to use the added value I got from it!

TED talks will never leave you calm as you come in. They will always push you to act each time you finish one.

7.Free and accessible everywhere

Last but not least, we all know how knowledge and access to it got democratized through the internet. Yet, there are also businesses that sell knowledge over the internet. But the TED talks who are given by the brightest minds on earth are totally free! That’s a big source of great quality knowledge available for free.

Also, it’s accessible everywhere in the world, in either a computer, laptop or just your phone.

The interface is so easy to use, you will definitely not struggle with it.

You will be very pleased and will enjoy watching TED talks!


These are all the 7 main reasons why you should become addicted to TED.

You will get a lot of benefits every time you watch one of the talks. So, why would you deprive yourself of it?