In almost all online business writing is primordial. Either it’s by writing blog posts, products descriptions or even just business emails. The writing plays a big role in the success of that business.


Blog posts help businesses to have more visitors and potential clients.  Products descriptions can make a big impact in a person reflexion to decide to either buy or not. And emails to stay in touch with customers, providers and all third party related to the business.


So everyone nowadays has to be a good writer. Not necessarily a writer that make long and hard sentences to understand, but a writer that write fluently, don’t make a lot of grammar mistakes and make what he/she says easily understandable.


The awesome -and scariest- thing about being a writer is that you can always keep improving the writing you are crafting. That’s why there are some people that can sit in front of the same draft for weeks -every time they get just “one more look”, they find a way to improve it.


If you love writing and you are doing it for your passion, it would be pretty fun to keep improving your drafts as much as possible. But in the business world you have due dates to respect. Nobody wants to wait for weeks for an article while you are still just brainstorming the perfect headline.


Also, let’s face it: Writing doesn’t come easy for everyone.


Many people need to practice and to be helped to achieve good results.


Hopefully, there are some great free tools and apps that can help you to improve your skills instantly and become a better writer.


These are the best free apps and tools to be a better writer available now:


While writing on Microsoft Word (or similar for Mac) we usually get annoyed by all the green and red wavy lines. But we need to admit that they are very useful and helpful and we kind of miss them when we are writing online.


To find all our own grammar and spelling mistakes just by ourselves can get tricky. No matter how good we are, the exhaustion will make us usually not notice some mistakes.


Hopefully, Grammarly is here! This is a very powerful app where you can either type your content and upload it directly in their main app website to get it checked. Or do the best option they are offering: Install the Grammarly Chrome extension! It’s very powerful and it makes all the grammar and spelling checking wherever where you are writing online. It also explains why it’s wrong, and you can get more explanation to understand your mistake and never make it again.


That way, it helps you to always have a good writing and becoming each day a better writer.


Also, when you have the extension running, you can even double click on a word you wrote to have some synonyms suggestions in order to diversify the words you use.


A very known way to improve your writings is by reading, right? Well, Grammarly helps  you for that too. If you are reading an article anywhere and didn’t understand a word, just double-click on it and you will get a detailed dictionary explanation.


For all of this, Grammarly is by far my favorite writing app. My English level has improved a lot since I started using it, and I use only the free version of the app. It’s not necessary to get the premium one, but it’s for sure great too.


One of the best features of the paid version is the “Plagiarism check”. It could be very helpful to avoid you so many troubles.


The only bad things it’s that the extension  is available only on Google Chrome for now. I hope to see it on other popular browsers also.


One of the famous struggles all writers get is the “distraction”. Cause of it, a writing that you could have done in just some few hours can take you days or even weeks. Even when you turn off all the social medias, and put your phone in silent mode, the interface of writing itself don’t help you to stay focus about the one thing you want to do “to write”.


There are all the editing tools, that are certainly helpful, but should not be used until you finish your writing. Otherwise, you are losing a lot of precious time!


That’s where Zenpen can be very powerful! It’s an ultimate distraction-free writing app, that let you focus only on writing. It will help you a lot to finish your writings early so you could move on to the editing and proofreading of it!


Note: If you have got the Grammarly Chrome extension, turn it off when you write on Zenpen. Wait until you finish and activate it. You will save a lot of time!

3-The Hemmingway App

In general, you want to write content that can get read and understood by the biggest majority of people. So you must make sure that your writing is easy to read.


In order to do it, you certainly want to use strong, simple sentences like Hemmingway.Well, you know what? You can.


“Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.”

Yes, it definitely does! It helps you to become a more concise and clear writer. It highlights for you all the long and too long sentences that should get shortened, the difficult words that could be replaced and sentences where you are incorrectly using the passive voice.


Just open the Hemingway App in your browser. Past your writing on it, and start the proofreading of it.


Finally, the Hemingway App features also a readability meter that tells you how difficult it is to understand you writing. The lower is the grade the better, so try to have the best result possible, but don’t get crazy and try to reach a score of 1 or 2, a grade of  6 which is “good”, is enough.

4-OneLook Reverse Dictionary

I am sure that so many times you experienced the frustration of having a word on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t remember it. OneLook Reverse Dictionary is here to make that problem disappear.


Just head to it and search for the concept of the word you are missing. Reverse Dictionary will give you a list of words and phrases related to it. And there are chances that the results will give you the word you were thinking of – and may be even better alternatives.


You will never ever lose one more second thinking: “What was the word for that?


Airstory is an outlining tool that can help you to plan the stories and content you are about to write.


By using Airstory, you can create cards, that will represent usually either paragraphs or just ideas that you then organize and drop into an outline.


If you are struggling with the planning and organization of content, that tool will eliminate for you the need of hundreds of note cards and make the outlining process simple, easy and fast.


Airstory is still just in its beginning. So in order to use it you need to sign up in order to get a code and have access as a beta-tester. Otherwise, when this app will be officially released, there might be a free and premium version, like Grammarly mentioned in the beginning. Or there might be only a paid app, which will be so unfortunate.


So, don’t lose your time if the features described interest you and might be helpful to you. Register to the newsletter, and follow the process they will tell you about and then just wait that you get lucky to use this tool for free!

Bonus:6-Practice, Practice and Practice

We said earlier that one of the best ways to become a better writer is “to read a lot”. The other way is simply “to write a lot”. It might look simple, and the fact is that it is! Practice will help you a lot to improve your writing skills.


You have many options for writing. Use free blogging platforms like Medium and Buffalo. Just head over there and start writing content, and use the tools mentioned before. That way after each piece of content you will craft and publish the next one will be better.


You may also want to institute good daily habits when it comes to writing. Why not a daily habit that helps your writing and unlock your creativity? Yeah, that would be great! And great news there is already an app for that: Daily Page.


In daily page, the writings habits are not going to be spending hours arguing about some highly debated  subjects. No, at all! (Who has time for that anyway?) No, I am talking about  receiving a fun subject every morning from Daily Page and to answer it in one or two paragraphs before the and of the day. Then to keep repeat it every day. Remember, it’s a daily habit :D.


The daily subject you will get will be like “describe your worst heartbreak,” “describe a time you messed up”, “describe three qualities you admire…”, etc.


As you write you can either decide to publish what you write publicly or to make it private. It’s totally just up to you! And don’t worry, even if you make your own daily pages private, you can access to public daily pages profiles to read their own “creative answers” and learn from them.


Now you are definitely set up to become a great writer. Just keep using all these  free apps and tools to be a better writer, each day better than the day earlier. Write with confidence and don’t be scared of the blank pages. And get ready because soon you will get good reviews about your writings and people will seek advice from you.

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