Being present on social medias is a good thing. It’s better when it’s with a big community that you interact with as often as possible. The more there are interactions the more all the community is pleased. You receive support to keep going, criticism to know what to improve and overall every feedback is positive.

On social medias, people are more reactive to images, and a new kind of images has got mainstream in most of the social media lately: “GIFs”


What’s a GIF?

If we look at it in the dictionary we find:

“a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.

“a GIF image”

  • a file or image stored in GIF format.

plural noun: GIFs”

To make it simple, here is an example of a Gif:



funny, right? Here is another 😀


The point is GIFs are entertaining and can help you to take you relation with your social networks communities to the next level.

In 2015, just in Twitter, users shared more than 100 million GIFs, leading the social network to allow users to search for GIFs to share directly from the platform.

In order to make the best interactions with your audience, you will need the best GIFs. To help you quickly find them, here are 5 websites to find all the best GIFs ever.



GIPHY has started at first as a GIFs-search engine, now it’s one of the top go-to sources of the best GIFs and also one of two favorite sources of GIFs.

You will find in it all kind of GIFs and so perfectly the one that describes best the situation or feeling you want to show to your readers.

For example, a quick search of “chandler bing” gave me that result:


2.Reaction GIFs

In Reaction GIFs, it’s all about the “reaction”. Everyone can search for GIFs using popular tags and specific feelings. Are you feeling excited? Anxious? Happy? And you want to show the reaction and feeling you are going through, well just make a research on it and Reaction GIFs will get you the best GIFs for it and you just get to pick what you want.

I am excited to share with you all these websites. I made a research about it, and I got GIFs like this one:



As said in the beginning GIFs are extremely popular nowadays. Due to that, you will often see the same popular GIFs used many times.

With this website –GIF Bin– you get to uncover the GIFs that aren’t as trendy and mainstream.

Simply search by using tags and you will get the total count of GIFs in the site’s library. Dig well and you will uncover a GIF that is certainly one of the best GIFs out there but not as popular as it should be.

4. Reddit

Reddit is a great source for pretty much EVERYTHING. Seriously, it covers news, images, videos, threads, debates…. and even GIFs!

There are some dedicated subreddits for GIFs. The most known:

If you already know what you are looking for, just use Reddit as a search engine, typing exactly what you are looking for and you wouldn’t be disappointed. You will get multitude GIFs proposition and there must be one to fit your need.

Cute golden puppy gives mama a boop

5. riffsy

That’s my second favorite source of the best GIFs ever.

You find the trending GIFs in the homepage, and you can make a research to find the best one that suits you.

Which is great with riffsy is that they have a mobile app “GIF keyboard” available for free for both iOS and Android.

So you get to find all the best GIFs out there wherever where are and whenever you want!

It’s awesome, right?




GIFs are such a big deal, don’t underestimate them 😉


I hope that by using these websites you are going to be able to find the best GIFs to use with your audience so you could take your interaction with them to another level.