We all know that the internet is full of ways to waste time. But there are also options for you to feed your brain rather than numb it.

You can learn how to make some stuff, how to do some hacks. To learn anything and everything that you want or need!

The internet is so wonderful that there are websites that will make you smarter!

Here is a list of  25 websites that will make you smarter if you start using them regularly:

Note: They are not ranked.  Being the first on the list doesn’t imply that it’s necessary the best one for you.

Take online courses:

Courses are a great way to learn whatever what we want in a simple way. On the internet, there are plenty of courses resources available. Why not profit from it? Check these websites:

1.Udemy: You can take courses online to learn plenty of skills that can be useful virtually and in real life.

2.Edx: You can take here online courses for the best universities from all around the world (like MIT and Harvard)

3.Coursera: Choose from a variety of courses and take anyone you like.

4.Skillshare:  There are online classes and projects that help to get new skills and unlock your creativity.

5.Lynda: A lot of courses available to watch in many fields.

Learn to code:

Coding language is becoming more and more needed. It’s definitely going to become as principal as normal languages!

6.Codecademy: Learn to code interactively. For free!

7.Code.org: You can learn to code through easy and fun tutorials.

8.Dash: If you ever wanted to learn how to code a website. To take it from scratch to make it one of the most wonderful and complete websites that exist. This website will be very helpful for you. You learn through an interactive way while managing websites projects.

Expand your global knowledge:

Expand your knowledge and don’t rely only on courses! There are plenty of ways to learn!

9.Ted world: That’s just my way to tell you about both TED-ED and TED talks. You are going to find great lessons in TED-ED, and also great TED talks that will have a great added value for you.

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10.Khan Academy: Give you access to an extensive library of interactive content. And not only that, you will get also a chance to practice what you learned and keep track of your learning statistics.

11.Guides.co: It’s the largest collection of guides on the internet.

12.Quora: A social media where you can get the answer for almost anything. If you don’t find the answer of something, just ask a question and someone will give you the right answer for sure.

13.University of Reddit: You might have heard of Reddit before. Well, there is also a subreddit where knowledge is shared.

14.Mozilla Developer Network: It offers detailed documentation and learning resources for web developers.

15.Gibbon: It’s considered as the ultimate playlist for learning. users collect articles and videos to help you learn things that go for programming to effective storytelling.

Youtube Channels to follow:

Youtube is becoming more and more an essential part in our lives. Let’s profit from it!

16.In a Nutshel– Kurzgesagt: Each month they produce one video. It might look too little, but the quality is better than quantity.
So each month get full knowledge concerning the subject treated.

17.AsapSCIENCE:  There are many videos that explain scientifical subjects in a very easy to understand way and with good illustrations.

18.YoutubeEDU: Gather all the Youtube videos that have an educational value. They can all be helpful to you. Just choose the subject carefully before watching one of the videos.

19.99U:  like TED talks, 99U features many talks that are rich of knowledge and inspire. They are like the university TED version (almost like TEDx we can say… But the lectures can be longer, i.e 30/40 minutes)

Creativity skills and mind games:

It’s great to learn interactively and through games!

20.Duolingo: An amazing way to learn any new language you want.  Through interactive games and by being totally immersed in the new language. All the features of Rosetta Stone and totally FREE!

21.Lumosity: Train your memory and brain abilities through games.

22.Chesscademy: Do you like Chess? Have ever got attracted to that mysterious smart people game and didn’t know or was confident playing it? Well, in the Chesscademy this situation is going to change! You learn in an interactive way all the principles of chess and get many lessons so you could be the great player of chess you always wanted to be!

23.Pianu:  an interactive way to learn how to practice piano. It will be very helpful if you have an electric one at you home and connect it with your computer. You will be able to learn Piano easily while having fun!

24.Yousician: Same principle as Pianu, but it extends to many other instruments like (guitar).

25.Spreeder: Our brain is capable of reading texts faster than how most of us do. Most of the people while they are reading use their inner voice.( They read in their mind as if they are reading out loud, with same speed) Which is wrong.

This website helps you to improve your reading skills. Just paste on it any text you wanna read fast, practice, keep practicing… And soon you will start seeing big improvement concerning your reading skills.


With all these websites you are all set to become very smart and competent in any field you want. So what is still holding you from mastering what you love?