We all have dreams. We all have some envies to do and some goals to achieve, but yet not everything that we want and dream about gets done. In fact, not even all what we start working on get accomplished. Why? Because down the road, we usually let others influence us in a negative way, that just push us away from the path we were pursuing.


The people around us that influence us the most are usually our “Friends”. We trust their opinion and their advice more than the trust we give to our families. Because, the family is usually over supportive and tend to back us no matter how crazy and illogical are our ideas. But the friends, usually stand by your side and tell you the truth, not to hurt you but to help you to improve yourself and do the right things.


So the friends you have around you are going to have a huge impact over the realization or failure of your dreams and goals. They can either drag you down or build you up.


This quote summarizes the big impact of people around us:Friends That Are Destroying Your Dreams - quote 1


Positive influencers could make anything look a lot easier, and encourage you to do all what it will take to have it done. On the other hand, the negative influencers will always try to make you feel like if you are going through the most dangerous area that ever existed.


I have personally, allowed for too long and too much the wrong people to sneak into my life. I used to have some friends that would make anything just look impossible and discourage me from taking the first step. Hopefully, they are no more a part in my life. Now, you should get rid of all the toxic people in your life, including your friends because it might be necessary for you in order to succeed.


But who are these friends that are going to hurt me and my dreams?


Don’t worry, I will describe them to you in order to make it easier for you to recognize them.


Here are the 7 kinds of friends that are destroying your dreams:

  • The Doubters
  • The Over Negative friends
  • “The world is all about me” friends
  • The Criticizers
  • The Party Maniacs
  • The Conformers
  • The Entitled


Let’s see how each one of them can affects you.

The Doubters

This kind of friends will never believe in you when you need it the most.

They will never believe in you and your ideas in the early stages. The stages when having trust on yourself and being trusted, can help you a lot to achieve what you want.

This type of friends always needs proofs and evidence that you can achieve your goal and make your dream realizable. They will start believing you until you go through all the hard steps and phases. The ones when you need the trust of others and not friends that will just fuel you with doubt and make you hesitate about taking action.

You will easily notice this type of friends because every time you are going to hang out with them, you will spend most of the time trying to explain,  convincing and  showing to them that you can achieve your dreams. But they will never agree. Nor they will see your dreams as possible nor they will encourage you to go for it.

They will always describe themselves as realistic, but as an entrepreneur, future entrepreneur or simply just a dreamer who wants to achieve his/her dreams, you don’t have time to entertain theses doubters.

The Over-Negative Friend

This kind of friend is the one that always see the glass half empty.

This kind of friends is usually depressive, and see everything in black. “Nothing can be achieved.”  People who do great things are either lucky, helped by big influencers, or both.

That’s how these friends see the world. And a vision like this one can only hold you back from stepping from your comfort zone to face the cruel world, hustle with it, and achieve your dreams!

If you have friends like that, either spend less time with them or review if you really need such a friendship. Or do the best option about them, be the one who influence them positively and never get influenced by their negative thoughts.

“The world is all about me” friends

With this kind of friends, the relation is usually a “one side relation”. There is no “give and take” with them. You might have felt used many times when you were with them. You may feel appreciated a lot and loved when you are with these friends, but being appreciated just to be used is not worth it at all.

In fact, this friends are definitely not friends, and should be cut out from your life immediately!  You don’t have space to a one-sided relationship ever, and especially if you are chasing a dream.

The Criticizers

It’s good to have some friends that give you remarks so you could improve any aspect of your life. Friends who criticize are usually friends with good hearts. But it can turn to a nightmare when you get overwhelmed by criticism and your friends are always looking for that teeny tiny fault in the smallest details.

They might start to make you feel, that even if you give your best, it will never ever be enough. They will start to increase your doubt.

You don’t have any time to lose protecting yourself from the criticism of such friends when you need, instead, encouragements to pursue your dream.

The party maniacs

This is the friends that are all about having fun, good times and enjoying life.

How  could such great friends be destroying my dreams?  Having fun is great and good for your health, but when it’s all time the time to “party” and “have fun” you will never get the time to build your dreams and achieve them.

These friends usually break your focus.

I believe that you should absolutely give to yourself time to relax, have fun and party. But when it becomes a daily activity, you are more distracted than anything else.

I wouldn’t cut such friends from my life, and I don’t advise you either to do it. But you better manage the time you spend with this kind of friend or you will simply lose everything you are trying to achieve.

The Conformers

This is the most popular of all of them, unfortunately…

These are the people who conform to the limits that has been set upon them. They don’t have any dreams or goals, and never ever will challenge the status quo.

They live the simplest -and boring- life we wouldn’t want to anyone. They spent their weeks doing jobs they hate, going home and sleeping.

They might be content with it, good for them. But they shouldn’t be the one that discourage you from challenging the status quo and achieving your dreams.

You are a dreamer, don’t settle for an average life.

If you are already stuck in a vicious circle, like the one of the conformist’s life, don’t be afraid. You still can pursue your dream. Just start on the side by building the base and keep scaling, slowly but surely, until you make your passion and dream a reality.

The Entitled

The entitlement mindset is becoming and more common in our societies.

This kind of people always feels they are entitled to certain things in life.

Such mindset, if you let it affects you, it could be a deadly shot to you and your dreams. Never let the friends of your who have such mindset get their thoughts into your minds. It could destroy all the success you deserve in  seconds!

Always remember:

We are not entitled to anything at all! If we want great lives, we have to create  great lives.

Friends That Are Destroying Your Dreams - quote 2

It’s vital for your dreams and your success that you surround yourself by the people who will encourage you and affect you in the most positive way. You should make room for positive people in your life because they are the one who will be helpful the most to you and your dreams.


Be careful with these 7 friends that are destroying your dreams. Choose wisely the time you are going to spend with them, and don’t let any bad influence coming from them get into your mind. You are better than that.

The dream you believe in, is completely achievable and you can definitely DO IT!