In our lives, there are so many things we usually want to do. We are all motivated and excited about doing them the first day, but this motivation slowly starts to decrease and we end up finishing nothing of all what we want because of lack of motivation.


There are many ways to get motivated like watching videos or reading stories. But there are also some underrated things which are powerful to strongly maintain your motivation during all your path. Here they are:

1.Clear vision

When you are hiking, it’s a must to know exactly where you are going and which road you are taking. It’s only through a clear vision of the destination and the road to it, that you can have chances to reach the summit. An unclear vision will only lead you to fall from a cliff and unfortunately…to die.

That’s exactly the same for the entrepreneurs world.

Many businesses have failed because they didn’t have a clear vision about where they are heading and what are their goals.

In order to maintain and achieve your goals, you need to set them and be precise about them. Don’t have vague objectives. Don’t say “I want to write a book” or “I want to be rich”. If you want to write a book, you should know what’s the main topic, how many pages you want to have in it, how many words you should write by day on average … and so on. That’s how you are going to have a clear path for your success.

A clear vision will turn into a tangible goal, which will become a set of defined tasks you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

Knowing where you are heading will help you to not get lost and be on the right path for your journey to success.

2.Planning the steps required

After that you set goals and feel motivated about achieving them, it’s usually the same scenario that happens every time.

You start to fizzle out and you are no more sure about what are you doing and you start to lose your motivation.

It sucks.

If only there were a way to maintain the same motivation from the beginning to the end, to maintain the same motivation, passion and perseverance to achieve our goals every day… Wait, there is one!

You need to plan precisely and carefully all the steps required from you to get your target goals done.

You need a precise outline of what you want to accomplish. Many make the mistake of not setting exactly what to do, and what are the right metrics to measure the evolution and progression of the projects.

But the truth is that planning is simple!

Divide your goal into all the needed tasks to do and write them down. If one or many of these tasks can get divided into smaller tasks so do it. The smaller are the tasks that you have to do the more you will be motivated to have them done.

Set a time frame for each one of the tasks and dare to respect it.

You will see in no time how your planning is so powerful. You will see how you get closer every day to your goal and it will always push you to keep going until you finish what you started.

That’s why planning is crucial to maintain your motivation on top. It’s usually underrated a lot in maintaining motivation and considered as an exhaustive work. But, isn’t worth it?

3.Doing it to achieve it not to try it

You are doing it to achieve it, not just to give it a shot.  Take full responsibility of your life and your goals.

You know your goals, you know all the required steps and you have already set up benchmarks to evaluate your progression, now you need to be truthful with yourself. If you are not in the delays you already fixed, try to catch up , if you are  on time or ahead celebrate your little achievements, no matter how small they might be. Throw a party, put a banner on your desk,.. in brief celebrate it! They will relax you and help you to remain motivated for the next steps.

Just never ever open the door of excuses. Once you start finding excuses you will never stop finding them and comforting yourself using them everytime, and you will always keep pushing your goals to later and will never achieve them.The Ultimate Secrets To Think And Grow Rich - Planning quote 2

4.The purpose of life

Why are you alive? What’s the purpose of your life?

Many people drown in the middle of a dangerous zone in life, the “lazyness zone”. They spend most of their life just wander without ever doing anything that they deeply within themselves want to do.

You have to make your life worth living.

Make your life have an impact.

Don’t be just a passenger in this world who will not bring anything to the world.

If you are alive you should be thankful and give a meaning to your life.

Every life has a purpose, find yours and do it.

Achieve all your dreams and goals, at least try to. Otherwise, why are we alive?


Here you go, that’s the 4 underrated things needed to maintain your motivation that many people overlook. Don’t make that mistake too.

What do you use to maintain your motivation?

Tell us in the comments below!